Registration has now closed.

Those who are concerned with the following are kindly requested to register.

  • 懇親会またはエクスカーションに参加される方
    Who wants to join the banquet and/or excursion
  • ポスターセッションでのプレゼン希望の方
    Who wants to represent his/her own result in the poster session
The invited speakers do not need to register.

  • 日本国内から懇親会,エクスカーションに参加される方は, 参加料金を後ほどこちらが指定する銀行口座にお振り込みいただきます。 (振込期限2013年1月31日木曜日)
    Participants of the banquet or/and the excursion from inside of Japan are kindly requested to transfer the rate to the bank account which will be informed via e-mail upon the registration.
    The deadline is Thursday 31, January 2013.
    Participants of the banquet or/and the excursion from outside of Japan are kindly requested to pay by cash during the conference.
    For the payment only Japanese yen is available.
    In the case of cancellation, it is impossible to be repaid.
    Your understanding is highly appreciated.
            Details of the banquet     Details of the excursion

  • Poster Sessionでのプレゼン希望の方は、Registrationに登録後 AbstractのTeXファイルを以下のアドレスまで送って下さい。 (締め切り2012年12月15日土曜日)
            Secretary: Natsuko IKEZAKI
            n.ikezaki§  § → @
    Those who want to represent their own results in the poster session are asked to send the latex-text file after the registration to the address
            Secretary: Natsuko IKEZAKI
            n.ikezaki§  § → @
    The deadline is Saturday 15, December 2012.
    After receiving the abstract, the organizing committee will review it, and then inform you whether or not your presentation at the poster session will be accepted.
    To download its style file, please visit the web-page:
            Details of the Poster Sesssion

  • 登録は、英語・日本語から選んでください。
    For registration, please choose English or Japanese in the following.