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about International Conference on Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Present and Future

We have pursued the research project titled "A challenge to unsolved problems in fluid engineering with modern mathematical analysis" as part of the CREST (Core Research Evolutional Science and Technology) - ABMS (Alliance for Breakthrough between Mathematics and Sciences) since 2009. On the occasion of the final year of the project, we organize the 8th CREST-SBM (Search for Breakthrough by Mathematics) International Conference titled “An International Conference on Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Present and Future” to announce the results obtained through the project as well as to stimulate other related researches.


  1. Interchange fundamental ideas to explore complex multi-scale phenomena mathematically.
  2. Interchange mathematical ideas to elucidate a wide variety of (macroscale) fluid flows.


  1. Experimental and theoretical studies on cavitation phenomena.
  2. Mathematical physics related with fluid flows.
  3. Studies on the Navier-Stokes equation based on analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations, global analysis, stochastic analysis and numerical analysis.

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